MEDA Assessment 1: Analogue Coding

My approach to this assignment began with research into Sol Lewitts works such as “Wall Drawing”, “Wall Structure Blue”, “Incomplete Open Cubes” and “Brushstrokes”. This sparked my interest in the various possible lines I could use and how important placement and symmetry work together in an artwork.


My first idea was to focus on symmetry as to me it’s the most pleasing thing to the eye . I decided that a square in the middle of the page was very strong visually. My main idea was to create something simple that resembled a frame or a window. I made the decision to completely remove colour from my instructions and focus on just the shapes and lines alone. From the very beginning I wanted something minimalistic.

I quickly realised that putting shapes and using measurements in my instructions were the easiest thing for people to understand. As it can easily be measured with a ruler so it is exact and little mistakes are made.

When creating my instructions, I begun to realise that when it came to drawing the diagonal lines on the corner of the squares the people that were executing these instructions didn’t draw them diagonally enough. I couldn’t exactly work out how to simplify it so I decided to leave it as it is because it didn’t make that much of a difference to the artwork.


One of the main challenges I found was that when I asked in the instructions to draw in the middle of the page people didn’t bother to measure it and just guessed it out of pure laziness. Which threw off the symmetry of the square. At this point I decided to add in the measurement part of the instructions to ensure that people understood that the placement of the object were a very important part of the artwork.


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