BCM300- Who stole all the starfish??

During class in week 4 my group consisting of myself, Loui, Dylan, Floyd and Sophie sat down and created some ideas for our first board game prototype. We were given a few materials to work with such as playing cards, a scoring card and ‘meeples’ (tiny colourful wooden looking humans). We bounced around some ideas for a theme. I initially thought of the idea to collect fish in a fishtank and become the ultimate fish breeder and after analysing our materials we realised that we should keep the idea of collecting a marine animal but change it to starfish. We then settled on the idea of incorporating starfish into our game because the meeples pieces looked like colourful starfish and we thought that was a more unique idea to capture our audience.

That’s where our idea of our board game Stealing Starfish first came into the picture.

Our theme concept was that each player is a marine biologist and wants to collect the coloured starfish from the ocean and put them into their own tank. We wanted It to be a fun quirky simple idea that could become a family game suitable for a large age bracket.

After a quick google search we found there is another similar themed game out there called Aquarium. Which is a game about collecting sets of fish. I found information on this game on Boardgamegeek.com. I found this interesting video describing the game and its mechanics on



What I liked about this game wasn’t necessarily the mechanics but more the illustration and designs on the cards and box. I enjoyed the look of the colour scheme as I thought it was very eye catching and appealing to the young generation. What I would like to appropriate from this game is their designs for the action cards into our own game. What I didn’t  like about that game was after watching the video review/explanation. I think it seemed a little bit overcomplicated. For our game prototype we wanted to keep it more simple.


These are the list of game materials we decided on

  1. The starfish- (we used meeples from the board game Carcassonne)
  2. The action cards- (we are using playing cards for the time being and just going off the suit of the cards, but in the future we would want to make proper action cards designed to our theme)
  3. Tank scorecards-

GiantSolidMeepleMisfits1a.jpg           cards.jpg        

             Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 4.24.08 PM.png                

After finalising the theme, design ideas and materials we moved into the rules of our game and the players end goal. The aim of the game is to collect the starfish onto your scorecard and fill up a line on the card in order to score a point.


  1. The game starts with all starfish In the middle of the table
  2. Each player gets a scorecard
  3. Each player get dealt out 5 action cards
  4. Player who has last visited an aquarium gets to go first using an action card
  5. The action cards can do 1 of 4 things


Player begins to steal the starfish depending on the card they choose to play

Once they play a card it goes to the side and they can now pick up another card

The aim is the fill up the scorecard (tank) with the different coloured starfish to fill up a line. Once a player has filled up a line they receive a point

The next round begin

First player to get to 3 points wins.

We did play test our game a few times and to start out with it seems to work fine. Although we need to research further into how many starfish would be an appropriate amount to go in the middle and if maybe we need to alter the commands on the action cards to make the game run smoother. But at this point im happy with our groups progression for our prototype and our teams equal contribution to all the ideas being discussed. Within the next week we hope to have researched fully into the development of our game Stealing Starfish.

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 1.31.16 AM.png










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